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Transforming data into actionable operational intelligence

Real-time Information

We transform data into actionable Operational Intelligence

When information is poor, decision-making is poor

Choices based on inaccurate, out of date information create operational inefficiency – services are delayed, resources are not utilised effectively and the customer experience is compromised.

Real-time Information

Rockshore specialises in the aggregation, processing and display of information in real-time, to help our clients:

  • Achieve real-time situational awareness
  • Make informed decisions
  • Automate processes
  • Improve operational efficiency


Rockshore Event Processing Platform (REPP)

Rockshore’s real-time solutions are built on the Rockshore Event Processing Platform (REPP). The REPP is a suite of software components, applications services and user interface frameworks that enables the rapid delivery of enterprise class RTI systems for superior operational intelligence and business process enhancement. The REPP powers many real-time systems in use across Europe that range from running major airports to helping the world’s largest mobile operators increase visibility and control of operations.